Auto-loading robots As a Service

Say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to the future of freight with Slip's robots-as-a service network.

Slip's licensed robots-as-a-service empowers people to auto-load and unload any truck in 5 minutes using SlipBots.
The annual subscription bundle includes everything you need to improve safety, speed, and savings across the supply chain.
SlipBot going into truck with freight in less than 5 minutes


Use an automated loading robot (ALR) by staging material on/off of a bot instead of the floor.


Connect to a bot, command it to auto-enter/exit, or drive it where you want it. No Wi-Fi required.
SlipView showing statistics on SlipBot usage.


Access live data like bot status and battery state, and unlock insights from historical data and trends.

Optimization Partner

tailored SOLUTIONS

Slip Robotics gets to know your end-to-end operations so our team can pinpoint the bottlenecks and deliver solutions to fit your needs.

Maximum impact

The result? We deliver an ideal operating model for robots-as-a-service that offers the highest operational impact.

Guided Implementation

We’ll deploy the solution and provide training so you feel supported every step of the way.

Ongoing support

From keeping your tech up-to-date to looking for opportunities for further optimization, we are your partners.

A loading dock full of freight

Experience the power of automated loading and unloading, revolutionizing the logistics industry with speed, safety, and simplicity.

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More than Just a bot

Slip's robots-as-a-service covers everything you need to get your Operation running with 10x speed and safety.

See a case study
A SlipBot ready to be loaded with freight
36,000 lbs per trailer
Omnidirectional movement
3 bots per 53’ trailer
Cobot with auto-entry/exit and auto-assisted driving

SlipBots are transforming Last Mile freight operations.

See how Slip's robots-as-a-service network is unblocking docks across the supply chain.

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