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The old wAY IS slowING 
YOU down

Loading docks are the standard (slow) interface across the supply chain network.

The global supply chain is a network of networks, with many nodes exchanging freight through one “universal standard interface”: the loading dock. But the speed and throughput of this dock interface hasn’t increased in over 50 years, making each dock a network bottleneck.

Slip turns any bottlenecked dock into a high-throughput interface.

Truckers spend 23% of their workday idling at a dock waiting for forklift operators to load and unload their trailer, while forklift operators rush to carry freight between the trailer and staging area despite the high risks of damage and injury. Until now. Slip enables anyone to load and unload any truck in just 5 minutes, driving 10x speed, throughput, and safety across the supply chain.


SlipBots empower anyone to load and unload any truck in 5 minutes with the click of a button.


Increase speed

Load 10x faster AND 2x throughput In 1/2 the docks.


Increase safety

don't send PEOPLE or forklifts inside trailers.


Increase savings

CUT idle time, freight damage, trailers, & docks.


Expand Your labor pool

Make loading trucks easY, SAFE, & fun.

Safety and speed without the hassle.

Zero wifi.

SlipBots are the best solution for speed, safety, and savings in last-mile freight. We’re changing the game for short-haul, high-frequency LOGISTICS.

10X speed and safety without compromise.

SlipBots enable anyone to load 20 pallets per minute without driving a forklift into a trailer.
SlipBot in a trailer loaded with freight

All value and no pain. It just works.

SlipBots work upon arrival at any dock, with zero Wi-Fi or IT integration required.
Truck driver

Unblock your dock.

More than Just a bot

Slip's robots-as-a-service SUBSCRIPTION covers everything you need to get your Operations running with 10x speed and safety.
See the big picture


Use Slip's automated loading robot (ALR), staging freight on/off of the bot instead of the floor.


Connect to a bot, command it to auto-enter/exit, or drive it where you want it. No Wi-Fi required.


Access live data like bot status and battery state, and unlock insights from historical data and trends.


Leverage Slip's expert support team for quick adoption and smooth ongoing operations.

Slip solutions
in action

From manufacturing and middle-mile logistics to last-mile delivery, Slip's robots-as-a-service network solves the bottlenecks of last-mile freight. 
“Now that we're using SlipBots for our inbound freight, if we had to go back to the old way it would feel like going from high-speed fiber internet back to dial-up.”
Production SR. Manager, Automotive
SlipBot loaded with freight on a loading dock

Want To Unblock your Dock?

Slip's Robots-as-a-Service subscription covers everything you need to 10x speed and safety in your dock operations.
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A loading dock full of freight

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